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BSB - your fire safety partner

Every project is unique.

We assist architects, engineers, planners, construction companies and proprietors in achieving their fire safety objectives. We specialise in devising solutions that make sure that your specific design plans meet all relevant standards and statutory regulations.

Thanks to advanced tools and years of expertise in fire safety processes, we are able to support you in all aspects of fire safety and project management over the entire life cycle of your project. In all our work, we always keep an eye on the costs.


Fire safety services

Drafting of escape and rescue plans
Operators of premises are required by law to regularly update their escape and rescue plans displayed near the emergency exits/entrances. Let us take care of the annual inspection: - Updating of available escape routes - Updating of phone numbers, signs and symbols
Concepts / certificates / planning
By law, fire safety reports and certificates must be filed for all restoration and conversion projects in buildings of class 4 and higher, for changes of use that require planning permission and for meeting and sales premises as well as industrial buildings. If a building does not meet the statutory requirements, object-specific fire safety plans that specify the deviations and include concrete proposals for fire safety must be submitted to the authorities. We would be delighted to draw up fire safety plans for your projects. Planning: We gladly assist you from the preliminary planning stage, as early involvement of our specialists ensures that discrepancies between your design and the statutory regulations and ordinances are identified in time so that we can come up with proposals concerning your planning application to make sure that it is approved quickly and without costly conditions.
Building and construction management / site management
Building and construction management / site management Our services cover the compilation of fire safety documentations, including statutory regulations and ordinances and previous fire safety reports, as well as the implementation of appropriate fire safety measures. We also examine the construction and installation drawings and plans with regard to fire safety, assess existing certificates of usability for equipment and installations, and assist contractors on site.
Technical due diligence fire safety surveys / expert reports
Technical due diligence fire safety surveys are performed to identify any problems in connection with building and plant operation regulations that concern fire safety. These surveys assess an existing building or proposed construction with regard to the applicable fire safety and planning regulations. When a building is in use, tenants, lessees and the proprietor as well as people working there might make certain changes to its structure and layout. The moment planning permission for change of use is required, or if the building is to be sold, a technical due diligence fire safety survey needs to be completed, documenting such changes as well as possible deviations from the law.
External fire safety officer
We act as your external fire safety officers, taking care of the regular tests and checks of fire safety equipment and making sure that your company meets the statutory fire safety regulations. Our fire officer services include regular site visits and staff instruction as well as the updating of your fire safety documentation.
Fire safety reports
We provide expert reports on safe conduits for cables and lines. We also assist you with opinions and expert reports in cases where you require a decision by the planning authorities. We represent you in the preliminary and final fire safety acceptance procedures. As a complete service provider, we compile all documents, texts, pictures and graphics you need to meet the statutory requirements and make sure that the documentation for contractors as well as clients is complete and well presented.
Fire safety seminars
Fire safety seminars for HVAC and electrical contractors An incorrect interpretation of statutory fire safety regulations can cause high costs. We therefore offer fire safety seminars in planning and construction law with special focus on fire safety requirements for building installations. These seminars can be delivered at your premises or at our own training centre. Our courses cover basic fire safety regulations and issues that concern building systems, using examples and templates. We also discuss the various requirements and standards that apply to approved pipeline conduits, electrical installations, ventilation and fire safety linings and explain where and how they need to be installed to meet the relevant regulations. Our seminars also provide an introduction to the latest EU regulations and directives as well as the EN certification system, and leave room for Q&A sessions. We would be delighted to tell you more about our seminars, which can of course be tailor-made to suit your specific needs. Please be rest assured that our lecturers are familiar with all aspects of fire safety in construction and know the law inside out. Our seminars are designed for maximum 20 participants and normally take about 2.5 to 3 hours. For larger groups, we would propose a slightly different schedule. We always make sure that there is ample time for discussion in the group, so that specific topics that are particularly relevant to the participants can be tackled. The seminar fee per participant is € 249.50. Please contact us for group discounts. If you need more information or have any queries, please get in touch, using our contact form.
Quality management
Quality management is an essential element of project and process control. Organisational measures to improve process quality and performance – which in turn enhance the quality of the product – are one of the key objectives of project management.
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Project management services

Project management
With a clear focus on the successful and timely completion of the building project, we assist our clients in the management and organisation of their tasks, freeing up time and resources. While some clients prefer to hand the entire project over to us, others see our assistance for specific tasks in clearly defined areas. We have many years of experience in the management of projects, and always pay particular attention to risk minimisation, quality of work, time scheduling and cost optimisation. For each project, we deploy project managers who are not only experienced but have the specific technical skills required for the job.
Construction supervision
We make sure that all work on site is completed to the highest standard. To achieve this, we work closely together with contractors and developers. We supervise: • Time schedule • Quality of work and conformity to standards • Workplace safety • Occupational health • Protection of the environment
Technical due diligence surveys
For proper due diligence prior to a purchase, you need the input of technicians and market insiders. We assess the quality of an object, thus providing decision-makers with all the necessary facts and figures on is value and any associated risks. We specialise in the assessment of technology and products.
Cost control / controlling
We have the skills and expertise to quickly identify and analyse deviations so that they can be taken into account in the further course of the project. Construction process management and controlling are two key control tools for successful projects. Practice shows that target-performance analyses are extremely useful to detect deviations at an early stage. Based on such analyses, it is possible to manage claims efficiently, so that extra funds can be drawn down, should the need arise.
Project finalisation
No project is complete without a proper function test. That is why our project managers compile detailed snag lists and supervise the elimination of all defects in the respective subworks, including proper documentation of the work completed. After successful acceptance, they draw up the acceptance reports and check the final subcontractor invoices. We also assist you in dismantling and removing your temporary site infrastructure.
Time scheduling
Keeping within the time schedule of the developer is one of the key objectives of efficient project management. This can only be achieved with proper progress planning. Construction schedules serve as timetables for the project and need to be constantly updated and adjusted to reflect the actual progress. To meet the set deadlines, they must be regularly analysed.
Work preparation
Work preparation includes all tasks in connection with work scheduling and control. Proper work preparation ensures the timely delivery of materials and the deployment of workers to complete a project on time. In this context, special attention must be paid to the capabilities and skills of workers. With bills of material, resource planning as well as the scheduling of deliveries, machines and workers, work preparation is at the interface between construction and installation.
Lean management
Cycle management and the coordination of services and work provided by subcontractors make sure that deadlines are met and tasks are completed on time. We use simple maths to identify any issues that might hamper the progress of you construction project.
IT Support
The knowledge about error potential identifies and evaluates defect potentials and risks at an early stage, thus ensuring the highest standards of quality. Time and planning would continuously optimized and more complex network structure would be more and more important. we can offer you our comprehensive services and knowledge around the topics IT Project Management and quality assurance, for your success. We advise our clients and provide support to them in all project phases, starting with Pro aktiv messures against fault potential in net systems. For planning, consulting, quality assurance we are able to support you in the topic passiv IT- infra structure, W-LAN, IT Projectmanagment, data center and safety equipmint.

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